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About Us

Meet The Team

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The Thackeray's

Back in 2013, the Thackeray family started a dairy servicing company with the support of their families. The customers were pleased with the quality of service and honesty that they provided, and they quickly grew all across Dallas, Oregon area. Now their services reach all across the USA. Their focus has been in the dairy industry and helping dairy farmers provide quality products to consumers. Through this process, more industries have recognized the value of their skills which has allowed them to branch out and they are now excited to use their skills in a variety of ways. Now, together with their awesome team, they are excited for the opportunity to continue to grow as a business and benefit and improve the community they love.


Our values and principles at Crystal Creek USA start with the understanding that relationships are key. We take pride in building strong and lasting partnerships with our clients. We believe that by establishing trust and a collaborative environment with our clients, we can deliver successful projects that exceed their expectations. Our team of experts are here to listen to your needs and provide the support you require every step of the way. We want to be transparent and put the needs and desires of our clients at the forefront of everything we do, always aiming to provide personalized and exceptional service.


Experience is key to providing excellent service, and at Crystal Creek USA, our team of professionals brings decades of combined experience in dairy and non-dairy services. We take pride in our team's capabilities to ensure that our customers expectations are exceeded every time they work with us.


When it comes to reliability, the team at Crystal Creek USA is unparalleled. Our professionals in Dallas, Oregon are committed to delivering the highest level of service to our clients, ensuring their satisfaction. Give us a call and get to know our team!

Our Mission

All About The People

At Crystal Creek USA, we believe that providing honest, quality service is key. The farmers we serve are the lifeblood of the company, and our aim is to help them produce quality products. Along with serving the many dairies in the Great Northwest, we are dedicated to serving the community. We believe in blessing the lives of others, for we too have been blessed. We will work till the job is done. We will give a hand up. Quality is our goal, honesty is the key.

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